It’s A Beautiful Day

Here are three tracks from the San Francisco band, It’s A Beautiful Day, featuring classically-trained violinist, David LaFlamme, and his wife Linda Baker LaFlamme. “LaFlamme” was a stage name he chose to protect his orchestral career. Like John Lord from Deep Purple, LaFlamme understood that in the world of classical music, playing rock music is often a disqualifier. Their self-titled 1969 album is one of the best from the 60s psychadelic-rock genre. The engineering was good, the writing and the arranging excellent. The combination of electric violin with organ contributed to the band’s unique sound. White Bird and Hot Summer Days were long-running FM radio hits.

Bombay Calling

Hot Summer Days

White Bird

David LaFlamme: “There had been a lot of interest in me becoming a member of the Utah Symphony there. I had played with the Symphony again I had won a couple of different competitions and because of the competitions I was invited to play with the Symphony as a soloist. To me the world of Classical music was at that point was mostly a lot of old people and I was very young, very spirited and really interested in a lot more kinds of music than just heavy classical music which I had played a lot of all of my life. So I set out on this musical odyssey, I guess you could call it, to discover and play with a lot of different types of musicians and a lot of different types of music in San Francisco.”

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