Hybrid Pianos and the Acoustic/Electric Debate

Suzan Stroud is a writer and piano teacher. She has written a short article which might interest anyone who is about to buy a piano for their home. I hadn’t heard of them until I read her article. Suzan has a great blog about music education. She raises many of the same issues as me, and I agree with at least 90% of what she says. Read about hybrid pianos at her website.

Here are my personal buying recommendations. The best solution for most people is an electric piano, as long as you’re in a climate-controlled environment. Open air environments, especially near salt water, can be¬† bad for electronics, including electronic instruments.

The best value in an electric¬† piano is the Yamaha P45, or a similar keyboard. I am very satisfied with my Yamaha P71. The keyboard mechanism is very good. The sound of the onboard speakers is great for playing at home. It’s also a serious stage and recording piano.

I do not recommend Williams Allegro series pianos. I tried one and took it back. have decent keyboard action, although they feel kind of weird and ‘spongy,’ instead of ‘springy’ like normal weighted keys. Don’t expect the Williams piano to be as durable as the Yamaha.