HoustonGuitar’s Practice Video Library Now On YouTube!

Picture-In-Picture close-up
Picture-In-Picture close-ups

HoustonGuitar’s practice video library of more than 500 videos has a new home on YouTube, to ensure a better customer experience for my online guitar students. My visual, play-by-ear approach is for guys and gals who want to make friends with their guitar, once and for all. It’s for people who are envious of those people who can somehow ‘jam’ for hours at a time. How do they do it? Most teachers don’t teach that kind of stuff, but I do. I’m a veteran performer and jammer with more than 2500 gigs under his belt.

Guided practice is the best strategy for making sure you master the basics of modern rhythm and lead guitar styles. On-demand a guided practice is the best way to ensure that you get the most value for your lesson dollar. The only limit to your progress is the amount of time you spend following the simple parts in the videos.

Guided practice isn’t glamorous. It’s just the easiest, most direct and most effective way to program all of the muscle-memory that you need in order to play guitar well directly into your nervous system. It’s the fastest, least psychologically stressful way to get good, really good.

The two camera, picture in picture video presentation style is better than what you get over Skype. You’re invited to take a tour of my practice video library.  There are also more videos on the sample student page below. Once you see what HoustonGuitar’s practice video library has to offer, go to the Contact Page to schedule a free 15 minute online consultation. (The best way is to call or text the number on the page.)