Get The Most Out Of Music Lessons – New Book April 2020

Greg Varhaug announces the release of his new book, Get The Most Out Of Music Lessons – A Guide to Success For Piano, Guitar & Bass, available on Amazon, as a print book and as a Kindle edition.

From the book:

I wrote this book to help students, teachers and parents to recognize and address common obstacles to learning a musical instrument, specifically piano, guitar and bass. As a music teacher for more than twenty-five years, I’ve had a chance to see first-hand the reasons why so many music students don’t reach their goals, especially those who want to learn to play modern styles like rock, country, blues and jazz.

The approach I outline in this book starts with physical conditioning to get rid of the discomfort of playing your instrument, learning chord and scale shapes on the keyboard or fretboard, and learning to play by ear.

It’s time to re-evaluate our methods and priorities in light of the fact that there are two separate schools of composition, and music education. Modern music should be taught in terms of the concepts and working styles of professional rock and country musicians.

* * *
Memebers of Amazon Prime can read an extended free sample. If you buy on Kindle, you can give a copy as a gift for free.