8/23 – Setting up WordPress on BillCabrera.com. The WP install was ‘successful,’ but the admin page hasn’t appeared online. I think it might take 24-48 hours. I’m going to call Godaddy, because I have other issues to discuss with them.

The headline is Spanish Tutoring Online, subhead is Mr Bills Learning Resources. The site will include a blog. I plan to place a contact form at the top of the page, so you don’t have to click on a ‘contact’ page. Make the ask right up front.

We will need to choose a wordpress theme. The ‘year’ themes, 2015, 2016, etc, are good choices for their simplicity and design. You don’t need any advanced functions, like newsfeeds. You can browse these yourself, its not that complicated. Or I’ll pick one for you. I like the one on my site because of the size of the elements, and how well it adjusts to all devices in all display modes.

You need a bio/resume, a few pictures. Advice for students trying to learn Spanish, or languages in general. Specify payment arrangements.

We need a page of links to useful online resources, links page needs to be on the home page or navigation menu. This page can influence the traffic Google sends to your site, and should include a lot of links. I recommend a language resources section, then a general interest section. You can create a very useful and cool site just by curating other people’s content. You should start scouring the web for cool content to link to. If you discuss other people’s content, you’ve got a blog post. Google loves blog posts.

You should check out websites of online tutors for ideas. Make note of the phrases, keywords and visuals they use. Make note of any useful advice they have, terms/disclaimers.

You are expanding your services to include tutoring in core academic subjects, primarily Spanish, because of a sudden shortage of teachers on a national scale. Blog post: the role of unaccredited teachers. The key phrase is ‘not bound by terms of accreditation,’ and the flexibililty that affords you.


FB has replaced newspaper classified ad, and magazine ads. The formula for generating content is (1) create a blog post on your site (2) replicate the blog post, or an edited version, on your FB *page*. (3) Boost the post.

You need to create a business page on FB. This is likely to become your main point of contact for new clients on the web. The object is to market yourself as a business, not just as a person.